Is This How You Run Your Show?


Episode 32

Guests: Thelordnikon and Erica

Yo yo, we back after the long haitus thanks to christmas, new years, and that valentines day! BUT we’re back better than ever with a new guest that only a few of you have seen!

This evening we’re joined by the poetic Erica! long time haircutter, first time podcaster, we discuss all the things ranging from moths to mc donalds! come along with us and have a blastie!

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Back Hair


Episode 29

Guests: thelordnikon and therealcmiller

Bam! First episode of the new year, hitting hard and fast like Kaz at a Funko Pop vinyl sale. We discuss the weeks news with our tried and true trusty welp crew regulars Miller and Nikon. Curley tries to stump everyone with limericks but one member of the panel goes super saiyan rain man and then we answer the most amount of emails ever sent to the show! Keep it up guys!

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2016 Prediction Show


Episode 28

Guests: Jveezy and Whacket

Special 2016 prediction show! Hey Adultolescences, we decided to do a special dkgWELP episode to round out the year and discuss our hopes dreams and wishes for what is totally going to be a badass 2016.

We brought on long term friends of the show Jveezy and whacket to sort of wager on what will be the biggest things in Gaming, Tech, and Current Events with intent to revisit these predictions in a year and see just how wrong or right we were.

Next week we get back on schedule with new episodes and new content coming at ya! PEACE.

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