E3 2016 Pre-Show – No One Here’s Black Enough…


Episode 40

Guests: Brycas and Samhears

In what is easily becoming a tradition we bring on our biggest and brightest friends in the gaming industry to discuss both our expectations from last years and our aspirations of this years E3 conference.

Samhears, Brycas, Kaz, and myself spend a dkgWELP record breaking 3 hours to discuss the conferences currently buzzing all around the gaming world right now. I’d be dumb to try and post them all here but trust me we leave no stone unturned.

Checked it out to see what we were right about last year, who was the biggest curmudgeon this year and many more fun facts.

dkgWELP 40. We’ll break your couch open and blame it on the dog.

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