Marval What!?


Episode 2! coming at ya hard and fast! OH snap and it’s our first episode with video! bam! Today Kaz and Curley are joined by TheLordNikon and McMiller to discuss riveting comings and goings such as Siri in Barbie dolls, racist Llamas, all the amazing shenanigans that would be had with a freaking home flamethrower, and Curley’s mind melts trying to understand casual cosplay….


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Pakistan says bye Felicia to WordPress


EPISODE 1 out! look at that! umm… So hey, you look nice. Thought you should know that. I really like your hair that way and man that shirt makes your eyes pop. Good for you!

This is a show about nothing and everything brought to you by a smattering of rotating guests from within the DrunkKidsGaming community. Always a hoot to be had.

Quick real info, this first episode is audio only and the video is a placeholder. All future episodes will be video and audio! Enjoy!

In this episode Kaz and Curley are joined by Megan and Jveezy to talk about Twitch shit, WordPress, how hot Gillian Anderson is, and more ways to get some strange for college kids!