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Here you'll mostly find Curley, and his various bros, streaming some kind of gaming throughout the week. Sprinkled throughout you will find as much local couch co-op, bro-op co-op, and multiplayer Mondays, we can squeeze in along with a podcast or two and a bar trivia style game show!

Stay Drunk, Kids

Uncharted and Updates!

Bam, So Writing this the morning after finishing Uncharted 4. I won't spoil anything here in case you're either playing it on your own or gonna catch the vods later in the archive but MAN, what a ride.

Not only did naughty dog do a great job with a 4th game, they really made the whole franchise feel like something really special with us the gamers. Not to mention their insane ability to cross over the uncanny valley with superb acting, CG, and voice. Ever since the first Uncharted I find myself constantly need to be reminded that I'm not watching real actors. Their ability to capture the sublty of human communication and emotion has brought me to tears more times than I'd like to admit.

10/10 would ride again.

Anywho, not sure why i chose to write that up, maybe i'm starting to fancy myself a journalist, oooooooo. What i really intend to come here to write was current stream plans.

Stream PLANS! wooot.

Friday and Saturday off - No DnD cause the robots are out of town and Sat i always have off.

Sunday - Test run of Day stream Morning cooking, Sara will be coming over and we'll be making Brunch, also making our favorite day driinks, should be around 11AM, Come, learn, and maybe even play along at home.

Sunday night - Podcast with in house guests GabieMiller and StripedRoxy 7pm pst

Monday - Back to Zelda oracle of ages (totally gonna finish it!)

Tuesday - in house guest Sam and carlisle.

As always this will be up on the schedule at for your pleasure. Thanks for being awesome bros and I'll see ya around!

Holy New Site Batman

Eventually this whole section will be filled with news, reviews, blog ramblings, funny cat pics and the usual expected shenanigans you'd find on a gaming website. For now I'm just happy the bloody site is functional!!! WOOOOOOOOO!

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