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Here you'll mostly find Curley, and his various bros, streaming some kind of gaming throughout the week. Sprinkled throughout you will find as much local couch co-op, bro-op co-op, and multiplayer Mondays, we can squeeze in along with a podcast or two and a bar trivia style game show!

Stay Drunk, Kids

DKG state of the Union

ayoooo! So, holy crap! This month, thanks to all the continued belief and support of all things in and around DKG as well as new pledges we've clodded our way over the hill into the next tier of patronage! What does this mean for everyone? well... LOTS actually. Some things promised and laid out on the patreon page and some not so much.

Long story short tonight will the first of many full on scheduled baking/cooking casts. I'll be making up a from scratch Tiramisu as suggested by a few of the Patrons in the discord (speaking of you should be in there if not already). I'll go into more detail how these shows will work tonight on stream but for now feel free to feel hyped and come watch!

Speaking of the discord if you haven't been by in awhile you'll notice that I've been working on fully implementing discord integration with patreon over the past few weeks. Long and short of it is certain patreon tiers will be automatically marked with their own special color and user list section to lord themselves over the rest of the sullied masses. There's also a new special super patronus tier that'll get ya an entirely personal custom color to really stand out and let people know how special you are. Oh and also of course there's the obligatory patrons only text and voice rooms to shitpost to your hearts content.

What's that you say? your Eyes ain't what they used to be and things are hard to see?! Well you're in luck fine reader cause all things DKG is now coming to you in crisp hot 1080P 60 FPS. I'm going to do a whole separate write up on the new encoding rig detailing out just how i squashed all the bananas to make the sausage but the headline of it all here is thanks to all the support through patreon and now bits/tips I was able to procure an awesome bit of hardware to turn into a dedicated streaming machine and now everything is going to looks HEAPS better. More details to come once i get around to spilling my thought process into a write up.

Oh and speaking of BITS, we have bits now! For those that have caught the last 4 or so casts you're already aware but twitch has visited us from upon high mount twitchlympus and blessed us with their new affiliate program. Basically it's another way to show support for the channel. Of course twitch gets a bit of the proceeds but it also it's own fun little gamification of support for the channel. I encourage you to grab a few bits and give the cheering a try. I've setup up a whole smattering of new alerts and sounds and I think you'll quickly see how fun they can be. OF course we're still shooting for partnership with twitch so we can one day have those sexy sexy emotes and I can commission all the DKG artist friends to make em. Twitch affiliation is just a rung on the ladder of progress yo.

Some have asked for a clarification of where to shove their hard earned money to help the channel grow and I'll probably do a full write up soon on just where everything stands but for now I'll say the following. The best thing has always been the patreon, it's definitely not where the most money comes from but it looks the best on paper, having something I can point to an say look, these 60+ people believe in what we're doing here so much that they've freaking PLEDGED cash MONTHLY. I encourage everyone that ever feels like tipping to please plonk a little in that patronus jar first. Other than that we have bits, tips, and amazon affiliate links. I think i'll just save those for a full write up cause mostly it's just personal preference there.

So yeah! that's pretty much what's been going down in curley town as of late.
TLDR: 1080p all the things, twitch affiliate, BITS, new patreon discord rewards, and NEW PATREON GOAL MET meaning Guaranteed baking/cooking streams starting TONIGHT.
New patreon goals coming soon including possible the return of a fan favorite show....I've got my best people on it.

See ya in the stream space cowboys
Thanks for being so darn awesome you adorable amazing shits.
Keep on keepin on.
I love each of you borderline illegally. <3

PokemonGO Real Talk

Yo Real Talk.

I've never had such consistently positive face to face real life interactions with so many strangers in short succession in my entire life.

This PokemonGo game has some next level social positive side effects. Don't believe me, pop a lure in a pokestop near a residential area. I just watched over 30 people from every age, race, and gender combination come out of the woodwork like the power went out and every one was ECSTATIC to talk my ear off sharing stories of their dumb little cute pocket monsters.

It's like we've been teleported to the future that star trek wanted for us. I'm kind of emotionally in love with everything and everyone right now.

post dkgBroFundMe update



Ok quick update, just woke up from my initial pass out after the 24 hour dkgBroFundMe stream extravaganza. Lots of stuff to say and get organized in my head but I figured a word vomit post here was needed.

THANK YOU YOU AMAZING TURDS. I'm blown away by this community on a freaking daily basis and you guys did not let down. We smashed through my initial estimated fund raising goal and partied down hard. I even got a new shway hair cut that i thought i would hate but if you have me on snapchat ( ADD ME FOOL "curleys") you'll notice i've been taking selfies all day.

I wanted to let you know exactly what your money has gone to cause...totally already drained the entire paypal lol.

First of course we picked up the HTC VIve VR system! CANNOT WAIT to set this up and do some streams and get some bros over to play around in. super cool.

Next to make sure we can do the VR and stream it we picked up an Nvidia GTX 1070 FE card, a little hard to find right now but worth it and will totally future proof us going forward. Specifically picked up the card directly from nvidia

Finally the rest of the funds went to finally upgrading my old Gen 1 sandybridge computer from 5 years ago to skylake! parts we got are as follows:

Board: GIGABYTE G1 Gaming GA-Z170X-Gaming 5

Processor: Intel Core i7-6700K 8M Skylake

Cooler: CORSAIR Hydro Series H60

and some HyperX Fury 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 2400 RAM

So Glad we smashed through my initial estimate and hit 125% funded cause OMG tax. Anywho, GUYZ, you know i love you. I'll be organizing my thoughts and getting rewards teir stuff out to everyone that did drive by tipping and have a big post coming soon. Until then I LOVE YOU and I'll see you soon on cast!

P.S. OF COURSE yes we'll be building the new comp ON CAST, as well as vive

Uncharted and Updates!

Bam, So Writing this the morning after finishing Uncharted 4. I won't spoil anything here in case you're either playing it on your own or gonna catch the vods later in the archive but MAN, what a ride.

Not only did naughty dog do a great job with a 4th game, they really made the whole franchise feel like something really special with us the gamers. Not to mention their insane ability to cross over the uncanny valley with superb acting, CG, and voice. Ever since the first Uncharted I find myself constantly need to be reminded that I'm not watching real actors. Their ability to capture the sublty of human communication and emotion has brought me to tears more times than I'd like to admit.

10/10 would ride again.

Anywho, not sure why i chose to write that up, maybe i'm starting to fancy myself a journalist, oooooooo. What i really intend to come here to write was current stream plans.

Stream PLANS! wooot.

Friday and Saturday off - No DnD cause the robots are out of town and Sat i always have off.

Sunday - Test run of Day stream Morning cooking, Sara will be coming over and we'll be making Brunch, also making our favorite day driinks, should be around 11AM, Come, learn, and maybe even play along at home.

Sunday night - Podcast with in house guests GabieMiller and StripedRoxy 7pm pst

Monday - Back to Zelda oracle of ages (totally gonna finish it!)

Tuesday - in house guest Sam and carlisle.

As always this will be up on the schedule at for your pleasure. Thanks for being awesome bros and I'll see ya around!

Holy New Site Batman

Eventually this whole section will be filled with news, reviews, blog ramblings, funny cat pics and the usual expected shenanigans you'd find on a gaming website. For now I'm just happy the bloody site is functional!!! WOOOOOOOOO!

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